Don't Mask It. Release It.

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Do It Yourself (DIY) Natural Pain Relief Options

YES! You can ease or eliminate some types of pain naturally by yourself! Explore ways you can evaluate and manage your pain type and options here...

Exposing the Truth about US Product Safety

Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware! Toxic chemicals are everywhere in the USA: food, hygiene products, household cleaning products, and more! No wonder we're in pain and suffering with diseases!

Choose Local Therapeutic Sessions or Tele-Consultations

We're committed to serving our local community and inspiring the entire planet! See your options for in-office therapeutic sessions, personalized tele-consultations, and downloadable products to serve you 24/7!

Natural, Responsible Pain Relief for Labor & Childbirth

If you're looking for natural alternatives to conventional "interventions" during labor and birth, it's time to educate yourself now. Don't delay: your baby's health and safety deserves your attention!

I am so impressed with Kristy Fox! After years of terrible pain in my lower back, shooting pain down my legs, numbness in my feet, and loss of strength in my hands, I'm doing much better! What used to be an 8 or 9 out of 10 on the pain scale is now a dull ache - about a 2 - and the other pain and numbness is just gone. All without ever touching a drug, having surgery, or disobeying my doctor. I am doing great!